Price: Free* Score: 7/10 Category: Games

*the first five levels are free; $.99 full version available for in-game purchase

Catch the Fly is the latest in the popular catapult genre. Frogs are sent flying to knock down the barriers erected by the flies in charmingly designed outdoors scenes.

The game plays with the same principals as most catapult physics games. The frog projectile is aimed at the structure ( which is just off the screen), and then released. When the frog flies or rolls into the structure, the pieces tumble down (or don”t!). If a repeat attack is needed, it is helped by the faint guideline that shows the direction and height of the last aim. The controls work smoothly, and the frog goes where aimed. My only quibble with this aspect was that I couldn”t seem to adjust the speed of flight. Otherwise, Catch the Fly works well.

There is no story line to Catch the Fly, which is a shame. The artwork is delightful, with bright colors and attractive backyard scenes. This lends itself well to an amusing plot, but sadly that expected plot never comes.

The animations are fun, as well. The frog”s legs stretch out long as he jumps. He rolls into a ball to crash, and makes a funny splash of frog colored goo as he crashes. The bugs have buggy sounds, but don”t do anything particularly casino online spectacular, though, like all the art, they look good.

The music borders on the painful, as it is an extremely bouncy and fast tune. There is no ability to shut off just the music, so to hear the fun game sounds, one has to put up with the music. Hopefully that will be corrected soon.

The biggest disappointment of the game is that it is advertised as free, but once it is downloaded it becomes apparent that only the first five levels of the first scene are available. All ten scenes, a total 250 levels, can be unlocked for $0.99, but it felt like false advertising to me.

Bottom line:Catch the Fly has great graphics and standard catapult game play. A plot line as engaging as the art work would turn this average game into a fantastic one.

Catch the Flyis compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later.

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