Miss the good old days when virtual pets were the craze?

We didn’t mind the pixel art, the chunky buttons and the monochrome display. As long as our digital pets were happy, we were happy!

Catgotchi: Virtual Pet is a slice of that retro action contained in an app. Check out our Catgotchi review and experience what captured the imagination of the whole world.

Retro Style Pet Simulation Game

Instead of Tamagotchi, you have Catgotchi, where you take care of a digital pixel cat.

Since it’s inspired by the original game, the graphics and gameplay has been faithfully recreated from the ground up. Choose between 3 adorable kitty breeds at first (Persian, Russian Blue or Norwegian), then unlock 9 more as you play along.

As with most pet simulation games, the objective is to take care of your pet in different ways. You have to feed them, clean up after their waste, play with them and give them medicine when they’re sick. Time passes faster in-game, so after an hour or two your cat will be hungry/ needing attention again.

After some time the kitties will turn into adults, which unlocks three more breeds on your next playthrough. Plus, each cat will have its own mini games, making for a unique variety of content.

It’s also worthy to note that customization can be done for the whole look of the game, which means you can design however you want. Unlike the original, you can freely switch between the pixel kittens you have and play/feed/bathe them as you’d like.

What We Like About Catgotchi

The 8-bit graphics will definitely remind you of simpler times. Instead of buttons, everything is done via touchscreen. You also get more leeway in terms of design and UI colors.

What we like about Catgotchi is that it offers more content than your run-of-the-mill pet simulator. The kitty graphics are awfully cute, and you’d sometimes just wait until they move around and do cute things.

Try Catgotchi: Virtual Pet on iOS/Android

Catgotchi offers a mix of relaxing play and the joy of retro mini-games. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms and 100% free to download and play!

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