Whether you just refer to it as a cheap iPhone or the long-fabelled iPhone mini, there are strong reasons to believe and/or hope Apple could ship one and soon. Fundamentally, iPhone market would soar with the availability of sub-$200 sans contract model, especially when paired with a highly attractive sub-$50 “unlimited” data plan from T-Mobile, Sprint or an MVNO.

Lost in translation. Reuters has retracted their version of the No Cheap iPhone, Says Apple’s Schiller story, claiming significant changes in the Shanghai Evening News write up on which it was based. However, checks reveal the original hasn’t much if at all.

Reuters has withdrawn the story headlined “Apple exec dismisses cheaper phone as a market share grab-report” which was based on a Shanghai Evening News report that was subsequently updated with substantial changes to its content —  Reuter’s spin on the retraction

Again, the Shanghai Evening News story hasn’t really changed. So, what is the story?

Perhaps Phil Schiller’s comments were more nuanced than originally reported. Perhaps the Apple marketing honcho said wouldn’t release a “cheap iPhone” (‘never be the future of Apple products’), while leaving open the possibility of a low-cost model.

That sounds a lot more Apple-esque than “never”…

What’s your take?

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