Completely sold out. China iPad mini demand is off the charts with the 7.9-inch tablet unavailable pretty much everywhere over there. Moreover, Apple has reclaimed the top-selling smartphone crown in the Middle Kingdom following the release of the iPhone 5. Yep, everyone’s favorite fruit company owns Christmas, even in countries that don’t celebrated the holiday.

AppleInsider, quoting Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, reports that retail checks in China and Hong Kong show that the iPad mini is sold out.

“Prior to the China launch, we indicated that the iPad mini would be the ‘next big thing in China’ and we believe this phenomenon is starting to develop,” writes White in a note to investors. “In our view, the smaller form factor and lower price point will allow Apple to sell the iPad mini in more meaningful volumes versus the regular-size iPad.”

White says Chinese consumer demand for Apple’s 7.9-inch tablet, which went on sale there December 7, is “insatiable” and he believes it is outselling the company’s recently updated full-size fourth generation iPad.

China iPad mini, iPhone 5: Top of the Pops

Like in Western countries, prelaunch iPhone 5 rumors in China dampened Apple smartphone sales with consumers delaying purchases en masse. However, following its release there on December 14 — China iPhone 5 First Weekend Sales Top 2 Million — the Cupertino, California company can once again claim top spot in China’s hyper competitive smartphone market.

“After the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note I/II became more popular than the iPhone 4S in recent months, our discussions now indicate that the iPhone 5 has recently become the most popular high-end smartphone at the resellers that we spoke with,” penned the Topeka Capital analyst.

So, although few in China celebrate Christmas, iPad mini and iPhone 5 sales there will contribute mightily to the 2012 holiday quarter cheer Apple is feeling…

What’s your take?

image via VOA, Reuters

  1. Analysys International reports that the iPad had a massive 71% marketshare in China in Q3 2012 even before the release of the iPad mini which lends credence to Topeka Capital’s report.

    Likewise Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 in China which generated 2 million sales over the launch weekend means the iPhone achieved 1.5% penetration of the 3G subscriber base in China or 15 iPhones per 1000 3G subscribers in just those 3 days of launch according to ISI’s Brian Marshall.

    That would make the iPhone 5 twice as popular on launch in China as in the US. And in the US, it was enough to propel the iPhone to number 1 with 53% marketshare according to Kantar, knocking Android from 67% down to 36% after just two month’s sales in the quarter.

    Make no mistake about it, Apple is making huge gains in China (and the USA) despite the flood of cheap Android phones and tablets available in that market.

  2. Maybe this will finally kill off “if Steve Jobs was still alive” crap people keep throwing in Tim Cook’s face? No amount of success will kill that

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