There are so many phone service providers nowadays that it may prove challenging to find the right one. Different competitive companies provide various telephone service packages via wireline, wireless and cable among others. People have different calling needs, and different companies provide different services to suit those needs. Making the right choice is of great importance. The following tips will help you choose the most suitable phone service provider for your needs.

Start by Determining Your Calling Needs

You can only find the right phone service provider when you know exactly what you are looking for. Consider the following questions:

  • How many calls do you make on a typical day? What’s the average number of calls you make in a month?
  • Which phone numbers do you often call?
  • At what time do you usually make the calls?
  • Do you need such services as voicemail, caller ID and call waiting?
  • Will you benefit from extra services, including cable and Internet?

Compare Different Phone Service Packages

Once you know what your needs are, you will be in a good position to choose the companies in your area that fulfill those needs. You then need to compare the relevant companies by considering the following options:

Monthly Service Charge

Many phone service providers offer discounted rates for packages that combine a number of services, such as long distance calling, cable and Internet. However, this does not necessarily mean such packages will offer you the best value for money. They are only beneficial if you are going to use the services offered. There is no need of going for the packages if you only want basic phone service.

Besides the normal phone service charges, you must understand any extra fees you may be required to pay, including early termination fees, surcharges and taxes.

What the Service Charge Covers

Phone services are typically based on particular calling areas. You must ensure that the areas you call most often are included in the service charge you are required to pay. Depending on your calling needs, you may opt for plans offering unlimited calls irrespective of location.

Reliability of the Phone Service Providers

You cannot take the reliability of your phone service for granted. This does not mean you should never consider a new company, but you must ask pertinent questions about outage, repair and maintenance policies. You also need to determine when the provider’s customer service line is operational.

Are Business Phone Services Included?

Having an effective business phone service is important in the smooth running of any business. A common mistake you must avoid is to use your personal phone line for business matters. Your business needs a dedicated line, and you may even need a premium rate number. You will not only serve your customers better but also have a professional image.

What About 911?

Some Internet, cable and wireless phone service providers do not offer the 911 service, which provides location and callback number to relevant emergency providers. You never know when you may need it.