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City of Splendors is a strategy game focused on building powerful kingdoms, enhancing armies and winning battles against real opponents, where the reward is valuable Gold ore.

The creators of City of Splendours, Free Thought, have dubbed the game a Massive Multiplayer Online Simulate Life Game. Essentially, it is a unique fusion of role-playing and massive multiplayer online servers, which offer life simulation, strategy, real-time battles and so forth.

Upon opening the game for the first time, you are greeted with a beautifully constructed introduction video which sets the fantasy scene, immediately followed by an aesthetically pleasing home screen.


Build Kingdoms, Advance Armies

Your first task will be to select your race, name and gender. City of Splendors offers users the opportunity to play through the game using three separate races; Elves, Orc or Human.

Each race have their own unique abilities, which are manifested through ten different buildings exclusive to each race. These buildings can be enhanced and upgraded as you progress.

After entering the online server, you will be taken through some tutorials and demonstrations of battle and kingdom building, which can quickly be skipped if necessary.

It is through victorious battles against opponents online which allow you to progress and enhance your kingdom. As you continue through the game, winning more battles, earning more Gold ore and building more structures, you will be able to add to your army – which begins with just one hero character.

City of Splendors does a brilliant job of combining exciting, fast-paced battle scenes with more relaxed strategy and kingdom expansion options. Earning Gold ore, winning battles and upgrading your soldiers really gives you a sense of satisfaction.

The graphics are also exceedingly good. City of Splendors uses a 3D engine to display buildings, landscapes and characters which all look highly polished. The battle animations are perfectly balanced for a fantasy fighting game, offering just the right amount of elongated slashes and explosive smashes.

Buttons, icons and menus are all well laid out, allowing the screen to be populated with lots of options, giving the game depth, whilst ensuring that the screen doesn’t feel cluttered or over-used.

Final Remarks

To conclude, City of Splendors is an extremely well presented MMO fantasy game which is steeped in strategy, and bathed in battle. Going to war with real opponents online gives the game an edge, and makes victory even sweeter.

The graphics and game play come together to create an extremely immersive and addictive strategy game, which is bursting at the seams with enhancements, upgrades and unique extras, which will keep you coming back for more.

Download City of Splendors from Google Play for free on Android devices running Android 2.1 and up.