Cloud Integration Benefits, Challenges And Solutions

Need to learn more about cloud integration for your SME? We have all the information you need.

Want to try integrating cloud computing into your workplace? The best way to do so is by outsourcing your cloud needs to a company that can put all your cloud processes into one place. Otherwise, you have to learn how the whole process works by yourself. Trust us, it’s really not that difficult once you break it down.

Cloud computing is the umbrella term we use to describe the processes that operate over the internet. Specifically, cloud computing is any process you use to send information elsewhere to be read, replied to, or dealt with. But what are the benefits and what are the challenges of cloud computing? Moreover, what solutions does it bring to your average SME? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has multiple benefits to your business. There are too many to list all in one place. Let’s run through the basics.

Cloud computing means you don’t need to pay to store data on site. It can be sent elsewhere to be held, where you can access it on-demand but without the hefty electricity bill. If you want to cut down on your overheads by downsizing your office, outsource the storage space needs to someone else. This puts your data in the cloud and you at the advantage.

Cloud computing is safer for those firms worried about online cyber security threats. It decentralizes the office and its resources. It encourages collaboration and allows you to head hunt new staff from the other side of the world.

The Challenges of Cloud Computing

The biggest challenge of cloud computing is in the multiple layers it contains. If I run my office emails through the same computer as my business software, alongside my stock reordering sheets, my staff Rota and all the other things that are worked out it through cloud computing, that computer is almost unusable.

Integration is the answer for this main problem of cloud computing processes. The ability to run all our programs, processes etc. through the same platform, without losing speed, is legendary.

An integrated cloud computing platform can run every process, app, software system and program that operates through cloud computing into the same place. Learn about the benefits of cloud integration to connect various applications, systems, and IT environments for the real time exchange of data and processes.

The Solutions Cloud Computing Brings

Overall, cloud computing brings huge benefits to the business community. It allows us to monitor progress and grow, to find new leads and to generate interest in our business. It opens the door to digital marketing, let’s us connect valuable social platforms, and aids us in the link building process.

Cloud computing is a solution to remote working, to bricks and mortar offices who want to close their doors for good. It lets us work from home, the most notable feat of the last few years. Most of all, it connects us, and that’s nothing to turn your nose up at.