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Developed by Linton IntergroupColor Vision Test Pro is an iPhone app designed to help you detect whether you have some degree of color-blindness and to learn more about the common condition.

Color blindness affects around 8% of the male population but just 0.5% of the female population. It’s a genetic condition that’s normally passed down by the mother (unaffected) to her son (affected). There’s actually several types of color blindness and Color Vision Test Pro is an app that let’s you check if you have the condition.

The interface in the app is slick with bright clear visuals and a well-defined menu structure. The app is broken down into four main sections:

  • Color Vision tests (basic and advanced)
  • CBV Simulator and True Color
  • Optical Illusions (including stereograms and stereopairs)
  • About Color Blindness

color vision testColor Vision Test iPhone app


The color vision tests use Ishihara plates – the standard tool for assessing color blindness. The basic test gives you an indication of whether or not you have color-blindness while the advanced test will work out which form of color blindness you have.

In the basic test you’re shown an Ishihara plate which has hundreds of colored dots/circles, with different colored numbers or shapes in the centre. You have to enter in the number/shape that you see for each question.



Color Vision testing appColor Vision Test Pro

Color Vision Test Pro features a comprehensive section about color blindness that covers topics that include what color blindness is, why it affects people, the types of color vision deficiencies, diagnosis and management as well as occupational restraints that can apply to people with color blindness.

Overall, an extremely high quality application and an excellent free download for anyone who would like to check their color vision in a quick and informative fashion.

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Color Vision Test Pro requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Follow Tapscape for all the top iPhone app reviews.