Common Qualities of Successful Call Centers

Running a call center can be a demanding job that requires just the right level of expertise. Dealing with customers daily can be challenging, especially in situations where the customer is upset or frustrated.

However, it’s vital that all your employees have the right skills for this position. There are certain qualities that a call center agent should possess to stay efficient and keep customers happy. This can be a lucrative position, and the average salary for this job is $33,750 per year as of 2018. Here are some qualities that your call center and your employees should strive for.

Knowledgeable about your company and products

Many customers may call to inquire about details on a specific product that they purchased. All of your customer service agents should know about all of your products in detail before taking on this position.

This may come from reading up on what this item can do and how it’s made before taking on calls. It’s ideal to have a training period when this individual is first employed to ensure this is the case.

What’s important is that they can understand a wide range of potential questions about the product, and that they know what department to transfer the caller to if they don’t (using call center software may help with this).


One thing all call center agents need to have is a friendly demeanor. This individual should enjoy working with people and being helpful to others is important.

This position may be best suited for a person who’s an extrovert. Interacting with people is a must for this sort of job, and it requires an outgoing demeanor. There will be many phone calls taken throughout the day, and employees need to treat each person politely and respectfully.


It can be stressful working with customers all day and dealing with various issues. It’s essential for an agent to remain calm under pressure.

This can be one of the most challenging things to do, but it is crucial if you wish to keep customers happy. Not getting irate on the phone is a trait that any call center agent must possess and continue to work on.

Effective communication skills

As touched on earlier, every call center agent must be an excellent communicator. There will be numerous calls throughout the day that will demand using a polite and professional voice. Always greet the caller in the right manner and tone.

Some ways to become a better communicator include learning to speak clearly and loud enough for the customer to quickly understand what you’re saying. It may be a good idea to practice this at home and take adequate training to make this easier to do.

If you’re not feeling well or having issues speaking for many reasons, this may be a good reason to take the day off work. The person on the other line will need to hear you with ease to get their questions answered and their problems resolved.

There’s little doubt that dealing with customers all day can be a lot of work. However, this can become much easier if the right skills and traits are possessed by the call center agents. Ensuring your hire and train individuals to do this job correctly is vital for the success of your company, and this requires effort on your part and an adequate training program in place.

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