Computer tracking software why explicit control is better

Why do companies need monitoring and control? They allow you to quickly and effectively detect various violations, such as irrational use of computers by office employees, frequent delays or absences, proscribing and delays in project delivery. A lot of problems arise while the task is still in progress, and their quick identification will help to direct the work in a more productive direction. To control these points, very often special programs are used, but they work in a hidden mode. And this means that employees may not even guess about using such a program.

But there are employee monitoring software that work in the explicit mode. Why is it better to use such programs? What are the advantages?

Growth of Discipline

It is explicit, not hidden, observation of the team that allows you to improve the level of discipline at work. Since employees know that they are being watched, they work with more dedication.

Reducing the Number of Violations

Also, if employees know that the program evaluates their work, they are less disruptive, adhere to the rules and try not to disrupt the workflow.

Increasing Productivity

Covert surveillance seems to have a better effect on your work, but it is not. Employees are more effective at open observation, giving more power to the tasks.

Which Tracking Program Should I Choose?

There is a wide variety of tracking programs that allow you to keep track of your employees. But, only a few have the function to work in the explicit mode. One of them is Monitask. Besides, there is a great functionality of the program.

  • Accounting of working hours, even those employees spend in business meetings or coffee breaks.
  • The program analyzes the effectiveness of sites that are most often visited.
  • In addition, it evaluates how productive each employee is, he can personally view his statistics.
  • The control is carried out even in remote mode, so Monitask allows you to monitor freelancers as well.
  • The option of messages to the post office or phone allows the manager to always be in the center of events.

It is the use of this program that will allow you not only to track the way the whole staff works, but also to quickly identify errors. In addition, even the employees themselves can personally view how they have worked their day. The manager can now at any time check how things are going and direct the work of the team.

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