Conojo Whiteboard iPad App

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Conojo Whiteboard is an iPad app developed by Viz Mojo Labs, Inc. This interactive drawing tool is a great way to collaborate on projects, create mind maps, or prepare stunning presentations.

The thing that struck me right off the bat about this app is the sheer number of helpful, time-saving features. Even the most technophobic luddite should find it easy to get their bearings, thanks to an array of helpful tutorial videos and ready-made templates.

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Conojo Whiteboard also boasts a wide array of drawing tools. There are tons of shapes, fonts, and color options available. This app is ideal for everything from group brainstorming sessions to detailed sketching and review of diagrams.

When it comes to sharing your work, you can collaborate over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Instant screen casting is also possible.

I really liked the fact that Conojo includes quick start templates for Charts, Graphs, Fishbone diagrams, and Flowcharts. This is an app that is equally well suited for both boardrooms and dorm rooms.

If you don’t want to start from scratch or use a template, you can import files with ease using your Camera Roll, Dropbox, or WebDav. There is great, responsive “Drag and Drop” functionality to be had here.

Conojo Whiteboard iPad App Conojo Whiteboard iPad App

The drawing tools themselves are very responsive. Whether you use your finger or a stylus, this attractive app is well-suited for drawing or project collaboration.

If you don’t have access to a real whiteboard (or just hate that weird smell dry erase markers always have once you’ve removed the cap), Conojo Whiteboard is a great iPad drawing tool. It fosters creativity, saves paper, and makes it easy to share your ideas with others.

Want to learn more about Conojo Whiteboard? Check out their official site here!

Conojo Whiteboard requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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