Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan

If you thought $99 was a steal for the Nokia Lumia 920, wait til you hear about the latest news that Amazon Wireless has dropped the price for the device to almost next to nothing!

Amazon Wireless Nokia Lumia 920

If you managed to keep yourself from buying the Nokia Lumia 920 after we announced that Amazon Wireless was offering the device for just $99 dollars, then you’re in luck. Their offer has just gotten even more irresistible — you can now get the Nokia Lumia 920 with a new two-year AT&T contract for the astonishingly low price of just $49. That asking price is even lower than what some carriers want for some top-tier devices that have been around for more than a year.

Amazon Wireless has been known to offer competitive pricing for devices on their online store. In the case of the Nokia Lumia 920, the $99 price tag they slapped on the device was merely a price-match of what AT&T was offering so there was really no reason for you to purchase the device through them. But with the $50 price cut, things may certainly change for the online retailer.  There’s even word that Amazon Wireless will further drop that price to just $0.99 for the upcoming Black Friday sale. If that proves to be true, it would be a no-brainer to pick up the Nokia Lumia 920 from them.

For those looking to purchase a contract-free (but still locked to AT&T) version of the Nokia Lumia 920, you can also get it through Amazon Wireless for $499.

Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan

Will you be taking advantage of Amazon Wireless super-low prices to get a Nokia Lumia 920? Anyone able to order the device through them already? Let us know in the comments below!