couch terror iphone game

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Couch Terror is an iPhone game developed by AS Mobile Applications. If you have fond memories of hassling a beloved uncle or annoying relative, this mobile entertainment app will amuse you to no end.

In Couch Terror, your goal is to find various hilarious ways to annoy your “Uncle Mike.” The idea is to harass him with water pistols, fireworks, farts, feathers, stickpins, pinches, cuckoo clocks, drums, and tons of other items. However, there is a challenge: you need to use as many items as possible without waking up Uncle Mike. Rack up all the points you can before time runs out!

couch terror iphone gamecouch terror iphone game

With 16 interactive, animated elements to enjoy, you can relish the thrill of trying to keep  Uncle Mike on edge for 3 minutes straight. With social media integration to brag about your high scores and the ability compete for Couch Terror glory via Game Center, there’s a fun social aspect to trying to annoy your Uncle Mike.

While Couch Terror is incredibly simple to learn, there are a lot of good reasons to keep on playing this game. With 29 unlockable achievements to work towards, this very simple game never gets boring!

couch terror iphone gamecouch terror iphone game

Couch Terror is likely to appeal to anyone who is bored and needs to kill time. Because the gameplay is all about the suffering of others, anyone who can appreciate the comedic concept of schadenfreude will also enjoy it. Overall, I’d expect teenage and pre-teen boys to enjoy it the most, along with younger children of both genders.

If you have fond memories of playing the hilarious board game Don’t Wake Daddy, then you will likely enjoy the somewhat more cruel antics of Couch Terror. If you enjoy your games with a dash of schadenfreude, the painfully funny diversions in Couch Terror will make you laugh!

Couch Terror is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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