Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of those games that you just can’t put down. It’s been up and running for over 8 years now, and despite the rumors that it’s dying, it’s fresher than ever with over 20 million players every month.

CSGO follows a simple concept of who can eliminate the opponent first. Here, you get to choose either to be on the terrorist side or the Counter-Terrorists side. Once you’ve picked aside, you will have to perform tasks according to it. For example, if you’re a terrorist, you will have to plant a bomb and detonate it successfully. And if you’re a counter-terrorist, you will have to find the bomb and defuse it. One more extremely common way to win is to kill all the opponents.

How does CS: GO work?

There are several game modes available in CSGO , but professional Esports matches are always played in Competitive mode (5on5).

Players must spend the money allotted to them wisely, as sometimes, it can make a huge difference.


CSGO prime accounts were introduced in the year 2016 to incorporate a premium feature that would give users several benefits

Prime can either be purchased for Rs.1049 or automatically attained at Level 21. Either way, it’s an amazing feature that would help any player.

Some of the benefits of having a CSGO Prime Accounts are:

● You can save yourself from cheaters and frauds that you encounter in the initial stages.

● Prime membership means you will have better teammates who have experience.

● You will be given all the skins, weapons, and costumes already.

● You can save a lot of valuable time and energy.

● You could get a cheap prime account also and have all your progress back if it was lost due to any internal or external issue.

CSGO Accounts

Everyone who starts the game anew receives a basic account which can either be upgraded to Prime for $14.99 or continue with a basic account. Prime status can also be achieved when a user attains Level 21.

The max level attainable for any account is Level 40. Apart from this, there exist 18 ranks which can be attained as you progress with skill. Its best to Buy CSGO Accounts.

If a user is finding it hard to progress through the game, there is a unique set of accounts they can purchase called Smurf accounts. These accounts will help boost your progress, as they’re already boosted to a certain level or rank. Players can use low-level or high-level ranks to practice in whatever way they find comfortable.


If you’re looking for a challenging game, and at the same time highly satisfying, this game might just be for you! There are millions of players who are playing it right now, having the time of their lives! Why don’t you join them? Play on!

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