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Cows have never really gotten all that much love in video games. The developers at CosMind and Blue LLC obviously felt that was some sort of an injustice to cows everywhere and have taken it upon themselves to bring cows into the spotlight with Cow Trouble.

In Cow Trouble, the cows of Farmer Diddle somehow managed to get themselves stuck up in the clouds while trying to jump over the moon (and it seemed like such a good idea at first). With no cows, the townsfolk, who refer to themselves as “Superstars” are unable to get the milk they apparently need to stay so super and starry. So it is up to you to help Farmer Diddle bring his cows back to the ground by knocking them out of the sky.


Cow trouble has you accomplish this goal by letting your toss balls down at the cows, who are sitting on clouds. If you hit a cow, he falls. Hit all the cows and you complete the level. It”s all very straightforward at first (as straightforward as knocking cows off of clouds can be anyway), but eventually things get more challenging and the cows start wearing armor or holding umbrellas which makes it necessarily to hit them multiple times or strike from certain angles to knock them down. You unlock various different balls such as bombs and baseballs as you progress.

The game actually gets quite challenging, online casino and there is a nice element of strategy involved since you are only allowed two balls per level. Cow Trouble uses purposely retro 8-bit graphic style that is both charming and functional. The sound effects are cute, and there is a vague outline of a story involved that is pretty humorous at times. There are thirty main levels and several bonus stages to unlock, so it is pretty lengthy and there is a bit of replay value here.

Cow Trouble has a lot of charm. It doesn”t takes itself seriously whatsoever, which is a wise decision for a game about knocking cows out of clouds with balls. And on that note, I can comfortably say that Cow Trouble is the best game about knocking cows out of clouds with balls that I have ever had the privilege of playing.

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