Angry users are venting online and demanding, via a petition, that Adobe withdraw plans to stop selling Creative Suite.

Call it the inevitable reaction to an over-reaching corporation — angry users are venting online and demanding, via a petition, that Adobe withdraw plans to stop selling Creative Suite.

Adobe announced the phase out of perpetual licensed boxed software and the forced march to its subscription-only Creative Cloud on Monday and the backlash only continues to build. The fundamental issue is users that buy each new version will save money by subscribing to Creative Cloud, assuming Adobe doesn’t jack up their prices, while those that only upgrade when the need demands (a.k.a. hardware and compatibility issues) every so many years will pay thousands more.

For many independents and freelancers, Adobe’s effort to force its customers into pay forever software serfdom is more than galling. One fed up user, Derek Schoffstall, got fired up and turned that anger/energy into a Petition, which has attracted more than 7,000 signatures.

You should support this petition because Adobe is making their already expensive products even more expensive in the long run. Adobe is robbing small business, freelancers and the average consumer. They do not seem to understand that every company is a not multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation that has an infinite amount of resources — Derek Schoffstall, petition author.

Although many Creative Suite customers have expressed outrage over Adobe’s move, simply dumping Photoshop et al requires more than a learning another application.

“Maybe I should just chuck PS now and go with something else, which is apt to be quite a wrench after being on PS since version 2.5, sometime in the last century,” writes Fairer Platform commenter Seth.

Creative Cloud vs Creatives: It’s Complicated

Users have invested years, sometimes a decade or more, as well as thousands in Photoshop specific training, add-ons, plugins and hardware. For video editors that have built workflows and archives around Adobe’s Premier video editing software, the chains that bind them to the platform are almost indelible.

That said, Adobe Photoshop competitors, like Pixelmator, are celebrating the opportunity now before them.

“[W]e’ve gotten tons of emails asking, congratulating, and commenting about [Adobe]’s new move,” states a post on the Pixelmator blog. “After [their] latest move, I am confident that our philosophy of pricing ($15), ownership (you own the app), and development (focus on creating the world’s best image editing app) are simply the right things to do.”

Confidence in this case verges on cocky. Nevertheless, Pixelmator, as well as Flying Meat’s Acorn and the open source GIMP, want to be your new image editor(s).

And, honestly, who doesn’t believe that Adobe Photoshop’s dominance of the image editing segment isn’t ripe for disruption, especially now?

Regardless, get over to and sign the petition

What’s your take?

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  1. And here it is (tata): The new overwhelming great solution from MS for you: Windoofs also creative cloud!!

    Nothing has changed but you will get 1 gb of online storage and a few other useless gimmicks (enough that we can name the baby “cloud” and tell that to our stack holders)

    All that and the full access to our OS for the little monthly fee of $50!!!

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    The small print:

    Windoofis will connect to your bank account and when there is enough money it will start up. Else not.

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    You will never lose FULL editable access to your files (as long as you pay).

    No, there are not so many other Apps (in most cases none) that can read and FULLY edit your creations. We tried to not tell you this. Xuse, that we don´t pointed out better.

    No we are not longer motivated in doing updates (we never were a lot), as you will have to pay anyway.

    And yes, it´s true, we will not longer sell other packaged OS, as we indirectly promised a few month ago, when we said, that our latest OS would be the last upgradeable (and forced you a little bit, to bring your old versions to actual). Xuse again – that´s part of our new philosophy.

    Yes, you will always have to upgrade your hardware if we decide, it´s necessary. Elsewise you can use our provided old version (we will not give our non subscribing long time users) but you have to pay for the latest. Sorry for that.

    Ehm, yes, you are a kind of Beta-tester in future. Ehm, and we don´t give any warranty for anything. Ehm, good luck.

    (May be our new updates – if they ever come to table – will not break any workflow like in the past. And if: Now you can be sure it hurts all users not only that, who installed first).

    No, YOU don´t have to decide if it´s good for you. So it´s not any longer only an option. It´s a must, you must like.

    Yes. it´s true, we bought also the competitor with the hooked fruit and all the others, so we are a monopolist right now. But you have enough choices to go nowhere. So take it or not. We are not forcing.

    No, we are not listening to concerns, especially not if you are only a loser. Sorry, user was meant.

    And we even don´t care about you.

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