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I love reviewing games. A big part of the fun (besides the obvious perks of playing all kinds of games I might have otherwise missed) is the anticipation. The time between when I see the game I get to play and actually getting my hands on it is important to me.

But not every game lives up to the hype it creates. And sadly, Crosswolf, developed by Blazing Soft, isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

Crosswolf looks great on the surface: it’s got killer graphics, a distinctive feel, and it’s in that always fun genre of “run for as long as you can and collect coins game.”

But almost instantly, I was disappointed with the gameplay. Confusing menus and unresponsive controls were the main culprits, but they were bad enough to suck out all the fun from my gaming experience immediately.

Still, I kept slogging through. And while I’m not a huge fan of the game, Crosswolf does have some redeeming qualities aside from its superficial charms.

For example, the most recent update does correct some lags that plagued certain levels, which proves the developer is committed to a quality product.

And while the controls aren’t as responsive as I would like, they do add a certain level of difficulty to Crosswolf. Thanks to the screwy controls, a long run is certain to make you feel very accomplished.

The new skills you learn along the way are also great, and do really enrich the gameplay.

Crosswolf is by no means a the worst game out there, but unless it gets an update that fixes the controls and makes the overall game experience seem more polished, I can’t recommend this game very highly.

Crosswolf is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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