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Cultural Essays: The Complete Template



Cultural Essays: The Complete Template

There are different types of essays that one could be asked to write, essay writing is of different types, we have narrative essays, expository essays, descriptive essays, critical analysis essays. You may be required to write any of these types of essays and as such you must know what you need to do. A template serves as a complete guide showing you the steps and procedures to follow to achieve a particular goal.

Culture is the heart of any society, group and organization. Culture is the manifestation of what a set of people thinks, feel, holds dear and believes in. it is the communication of what people see as good or bad, right or wrong. There are different cultures all through the world, in fact each country, region, has its own specific culture. Culture cuts across several areas and it is being affected by different factors such as technology, politics, religion etc.

Cultural essay is a type of essay that people write to explain the culture of a particular person or tell a story about an experience they had either in a place they visited or maybe while on a vacation. Cultural essays are also part of academic essays, they are given to students as part of their writing assignments, they may be asked to write about a particular culture or even basically talk about their own culture, if you have no experience in writing cultural essay, have seasoned and professional writers that can carefully write a perfect cultural essay for your assignment.Let us define some important terms that concern cultural essays.

What is a cultural Identity Essay?

Cultural identity essays require the writer to talk about a particular culture. It entails exploring and explaining the significance of a particular cultural identity.  It might be your culture or the culture of a particular people. Cultural identity essays are common among the educational setting. It forms part of the academic work that students are required to undergo.

Difference between a cultural identity essay and other essay types

A cultural identity essay although it follows the standard essay procedure i.e. essay outline and structure. The topic makes one of the major differences because it is always culturally related. Then unlike other standard essays that can be persuasive, informative, and argumentative. They require the use of a third person language but when writing a cultural identity essay it makes use of the first person pronoun “I’ to tell the audience that you are writing from your own personal experience. Also a cultural identity essay does not require writers to make use of external sources but should write from their own personal viewpoint.

Cultural Identity Essay structure:  A typical structure of a cultural identity essay is basic. It can contain more than seven to eight paragraphs as the case may be but the major elements still remain: introduction, thesis, body of essay and the conclusion.

1. Introduction

 Introduction is an important part of a cultural identity essay because it is where you state to your audience who you are, what your essay is all about and the major cultural identity you wish to talk about. Introductions should state what you wish to talk about but not in details. They should capture the reader’s attention and interest to make them want to go through the main body of the essay.

 Thesis statement:

Thesis statement is the last statement in your introduction. A thesis simply means a claim that has ro be proven by the course of your essay. Thesis also reflects the purpose of your work. You can check specific thesis types attached to different cultural essay examples online.


The body of the essay is where your main work is concerned. It should consist of different paragraphs that carry each main point properly explained. The body of the essay is where you prove your thesis. Analysis is being presented if required and there must be logical connections between these paragraphs.


Conclusion is the last part of your cultural identity essay. The conclusion gives you the opportunity to restate the major points you have made. Place more emphasis on the thesis again in the conclusion and give your own view on how this cultural identity affects you.

Useful tips for writing cultural identity essay

Choose a topic:

Culture is large and broad; you need to choose a particular cultural element you want to identify with and focus on e.g. language, dressing, food, and lifestyle.

Brainstorm ideas:

 Brainstorming ideas makes you answer some important questions concerning a particular cultural concept. It also allows you to note the most important roles and factors that affect this element.

Outline your essay

 An outline serves as a guide to your essay. Make sure you make an outline for your essay and stick to it effectively.

Proofread your essay:

 After writing your essay, it is necessary to proofread your essay for mistakes and errors before making a final draft.