Cut My Apps HD iPad Game

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Cut My Apps HD is an iPad game developed by Bo Zhao/Think Aloud Games. This addictive free game is physics-based and totally fantastic.

If you love games like Fruit Ninja or Sushi Chop, Cut My Apps HD is sure to appeal to you. Be warned however: Cut My Apps is likely to blow the competition out of the water.

Cut My Apps HD iPad GameCut My Apps HD iPad Game

Many people who have played Fruit Ninja or Sushi Chop are discouraged by the lack of realistic physics. It’s frustrating to only be able to cut a piece of fruit or a piece of fish a couple of times, when your fingers are fleet enough to cut it half a dozen times in the span of a few seconds.

That’s where Cut My Apps comes in. It’s a cut above the rest of the “slice and dice” iPhone games out there.

Cut My Apps HD allows you to more precisely slash objects than with other, similar apps. There are different blade styles to choose from, and it really is satisfying to chop up a bunch of different iPad app icons.

Cut My Apps HD iPad GameCut My Apps HD iPad Game

What you are cutting in this game may not be as mouth-watering as a bunch of fruit or a pile of freshly caught fish, but the actual cutting mechanics feel more satisfying here in Cut My Apps HD than in other apps.

In short, if you love the stress relief that you get from slicing up things in an iPad game, this app is well worth checking out.

Want to see Cut My Apps HD for the iPad in action? Check out this gameplay demo on YouTube!

Developer note: “Please note that everything you see in the game is just game effects. To uninstall apps efficiently we would recommend you use iTunes.” In other words, just because you’re cutting app icons into pieces, don’t expect that playing a game will “cut” those apps out of your iPad desktop.

Cut My Apps HD is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.