Diggers Matching Game iPhone Game

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Diggers Matching Game is an iPhone game developed by Whyse ApS. This matching game features images of construction equipment and excavators, which will amuse young children who love big machines.

Matching/memory games are a beloved genre of children’s games, and it’s always fun to see them crop up on the App Store. In Diggers Matching Game, you can choose between levels with 6, 12, or 16 cards. This gives the game a bit of range in terms of suitability for various ages.

Diggers Matching Game iPhone Game Diggers Matching Game iPhone Game

The controls and interface here are quick slick, and everything is well organized in this simple app. After selecting the number of cards you want on the game screen, you simply tap two cards to see if the images on the reverse are a match. When you clear the board, you are treated to the sound of applause.

While the images on the cards are very striking, one visual element of this app that suffers a bit is the Level 3 layout. On an iPhone screen, the cards are quite small, and the interface feels a bit cramped as a result. However, the game remains fun for those who enjoy mental gymnastics, and this issue is a non-issue when playing on an iPad instead of an iPhone.

I think that one feature missing from this matching game is the ability to double tap on cards you have matched, and then bring up a full screen image. Many young kids playing with this would likely enjoy getting a closeup view of some of these big diggers.

Diggers Matching Game iPhone Game Diggers Matching Game iPhone Game

Overall, Diggers Matching Game is a pleasant diversion for young children. Boasting an ad-free experience and rewards for beating each level, this brain training game will be of special interest to kids who enjoy heavy machinery, construction, or memory exercises.

However, the game is very short. Despite high replay value, many kids are likely to get bored without additional levels or visuals.

Diggers Matching Game requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.