Disney Movies on iTunes Store Are Available in 4k

For a long time, Disney Movies were available in 1080p on the iTunes store, but it is now available in 4k format. Apple first introduced the free 4k upgrade back in 2017 when it was introducing 5th Apple TV 4k. This was a great deal for Apple users, as they did not have to spend an extra dime to get the better versions of their favorite movies. But the only problem was that only Disney movies were not available in the 4k pack.

However, three years later, Disney has now joined the rest and its fans can watch movies in 4k mode in the Apple iTunes store. In 2017, Disney was busy preparing for the launch of Disney+, which was offering high-quality services, perhaps the reason for the delay. While Disney+ can offer you Disney movies exclusives, the 4k version is the ideal option for anyone who wants to own the movies. Besides, if you decide to upgrade them up to 4k mode, you can do so for free. Moreover, if you had purchased the movies in the 1080p version, you can now access them at no additional cost in the 4k mode and watch on the Apple TV. Additionally, you can also try branded slot machines of such movies as Star Wars on VulkanVegas.

Disney has made most of its titles in 4K HDR including its animated and live-action movies as well as those from Marvel Studios, The Star Wars Universe, and Pixar. Unfortunately, the 4k upgrade is only available in the US and Canadian iTunes stores. Other countries will be able to access the 4k titles later on in the year.

Alongside the 4k HDR, the titles will also come with Atmos surround sound plus Dolby Vision HDR. This is just the same as those films in Disney+. Here are some of the Disney films available on the iTunes Store in 4k HDR.

1.         Pixar

  • Cars
  • Inside Out
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Finding Nemo
  • Brave
  • Toy Story
  • Wall-E.

2.         Walt Disney Animation

  • Frozen
  • Zootopia
  • Aladdin (1992)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Tangled
  • The Lion King (1994).

3.         Star Wars

  • All Star Wars episodes from the first one (The Phantom Menace) to the ninth episode (The Rise of Skywalker).
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Rogue One A Star Wars Story.

4.         Marvel Studios

  • Thor
  • The Avengers
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel.

5.         Disney Live-Action

  • Aladdin the Movie (2019)
  • Dumbo (2019)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • The Jungle Book (2016)
  • Mary Poppins Returns.

These are just some of the Disney movies you will find in the 4k format. You can find tons of them in the Apple iTunes Store.

Apple users can now enjoy Disney movies in 4k mode from the iTunes Store. Hopefully, they will add more films to the list. Besides, to download the movies, simply search the title in iTunes and choose from the options.

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