Does a Demise Await Console Gaming in the 5G Era?

As new technologies keep appearing on the market, we see numerous shifts in how people use them. Old ones leave through the back door as new ones enter the market and keep people engaged. As gaming is one of the biggest industries globally, technological developments have a huge impact on it. It was unimaginable to enjoy multiplayer games with your best friends, competing in teams with other individuals only a couple of decades ago. However, in the connected world today, it’s considered completely normal. As connectivity keeps getting quicker, we see new trends appearing in the industry. This article will discuss how 5G will impact the gaming world and whether consoles are at risk of becoming extinct in the future.

What Makes 5G Appealing?

A stable connection is powering the modern gaming system we all know today. High internet speeds and low latency allow players to have fun on their devices. However, with an increasing improvement of wireless connectivity, technologies like 4G and 5G are shaping a new future for people globally. The 3G and 4G have made it possible to enjoy various games on the go. Games that required some connection, with no speed. Aside from playing games, people were also able to make payments online. Thanks to mobile connectivity, avid casino players can enjoy gaming on the go and make deposits with Paypal casinos, and many other payment methods.

What makes 5G so special? Why are gamers around the world so excited. Even though 4G offered high bandwidth, it still didn’t provide low latency. That’s what gamers are always concerned with. Low latency means that the internet connection is stable, and when a player presses a button on their computer, phone, or console, the game immediately follows. Currently and in the past, stable connectivity and top-notch latency required LAN cables. That’s where 5G steps in with its high bandwidth and low latency. Why is this important? Well, gamers no longer have to plug in cables to get the best connectivity out there. Furthermore, it has allowed the development of other new technologies.

How Will It Affect Gaming In General?

The growing 5G presence is already affecting the direction in which gaming is going. Big companies create huge streaming platforms where gamers can subscribe and stream their favorite titles. That means that anyone with a device connected to a high bandwidth internet connection can enjoy the latest titles on their devices. There’s no longer a need to invest thousands of dollars in high-end computers. It’s enough to get a $500 laptop and stream any title in the highest resolution and graphics settings. The only requirement is a stable internet connection with high bandwidth. That’s the role that 5G plays. It provides more than enough stability through its insanely high bandwidth. Players using mobile phones, tablets, and computers can enjoy the most demanding games on their devices.

Does that mean that computers and consoles are doomed to fail? Not really. Like any other technology, it will take a couple of years before 5G becomes mainstream. Putting its network in place will take a lot of time, and it’s not a technology without fault. While it provides a great connection, it requires the user to be near a tower and in a direct line of sight. Still, once those conditions are met, players can enjoy full benefits, as if they’re using a LAN cable.

What Does the Future Hold for Consoles?

Consoles will continue to reign the gaming market in the coming years. PlayStation 5 has sold over 13 million units, clearly showing its popularity. However, as 5G expands, there’s a high chance that consoles will evolve in a different direction to survive. We already see them as devices that offer different types of entertainment. You can stream movies, shows and browse the internet with them. Therefore, they’ll likely adopt the new streaming standards and support 5G. As Sony has already made it possible to stream some titles via its platform, it’s clear that they’re already following trends to stay competitive.


5G will disrupt the gaming industry as we know it. People will enjoy any title on a huge range of devices. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s the demise of consoles. Manufacturers will adapt their products to fit the 5G revolution. As game streaming via cloud computing becomes mainstream, we’ll see how the gaming market will shift. One thing is sure, the changes that 5G will bring in the future are exciting.