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Doodle Devil from Joybits is one of the strangest “games” I’ve ever had the pleasure of “playing”. I’ve used quotes because I’m not sure I can really classify it as a game; nor can I classify my interaction with it as play. Despite the curious nature of this particular app, Doodle Devil is certainly an intriguing concept and one that makes me want to go back and play its predecessor, Doodle God. And I suppose that would make Doodle Devil a success. Bear with me. I’m still confused…

Doodle Devil

In Doodle Devil, you begin with two elements, from which you are to create a total of 107 different elements. To do this, you combine the first two elements, creating a third. You then combine the third with one of the first two, and so on, until you have eventually created all of the available elements.

And that’s the game. Fascinating, right?

But in all seriousness, there’s an addictive quality about Doodle Devil that keeps you going forward until you have created all of the elements. Though most of your combinations won’t work, the wonder of “what if I combine these two things?” drives the user forward. And if you find yourself stuck, there’s a handy hint system that offers up a missing element, leaving you to figure out how to create it.

Because this is Doodle Devil and not Doodle God, the elements you create are decidedly darker in tone than the first game. For example, you’ll create things like lust, zombies, mutants, and chaos. And to keep things interesting, after each successful combination you’ll be rewarded with words of wisdom, famous quotes, or simple jokes. Combine beast and man for a werewolf and you’ll be greeted by the message, “Where do you keep your pet werewolf? In a were house.”

Again, Doodle Devil is less of a game than a novelty; a time-killer. But there’s just something about it that keeps me coming back. Perhaps its the beautiful artwork and presentation. Perhaps it’s the gratification of making a successful combination. Either way, if you’re open to a unique and quirky experience, by all means give it a shot. You’ll only be out a dollar.

Bottom Line: Doodle Devil is a bizarre, yet strangely compelling experience, good for killing time.

Doodle Devil is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

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