Lima Sky announced today that its most popular iOS application, Doodle Jump, has just hit 10 million total downloads. The game, which has received a multitude of praise and limited amounts of criticism, released two years ago this month. Along with the proclamation, the company made it clear it has plans to release a multiplayer update for the game “in the near future.”

Even more, Lima Sky public relations noted that the iPad version of Doodle Jump is still in development and will be coming to an iPad near you eventually. The same representatives confirmed that the iPad iteration will sport brand new content as well.

That’s not all… there’s a little more Doodle Jump news. The developer revealed that it is in the process of bringing the franchise to more than just iDevices and gadgets running Google’s Android.  XBox Live Arcade and the Kinect versions are apparently in the works, but no other details were provided.

“After such incredible first two years, it is safe to say Doodle Jump has exceeded even our wildest imaginations,” explained Lima Sky founder Igor Pusenjak. “We are looking forward to bringing even more amazing content to millions of Doodle Jump fans around the world.”

DoodleJump is available in the app store for a mere 99 cents.

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