Whether it is for technical (ie crashing, balky apps, etc) or aesthetic reasons (ie 'cuz it sucks), there is a need to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2. Here is how to get that done.

It was gonna happen. Maybe someone you know. Maybe that someone is you. Whether it is for technical (ie crashing, balky apps, etc) or aesthetic reasons (ie ‘cuz it sucks), there is a need to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2. Here is how to get that done.

These directions will work regardless of whether you want to downgrade iOS 8.x.x to iOS 7.1.2 on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No matter what type of iThing you want to take back in time, the first step is critical and should not be skipped — BACK UP YOUR iOS 8 DEVICE.

1. Again, BACK UP YOUR iOS 8 DEVICE before anything else – do not skip this – this insures that you can restore your stuff to iOS 8 if you have a problem with the downgrading process

2. Download the download the device specific iOS 7.1.2 IPSW file you need
— Need a device specific version of iOS 8? Download iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

3. Now, fire up iTunes on the Mac or PC and tether the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a USB cable

4. In iTunes, select the iThing and navigate to the Summary tab

5. While holding down the Option key (Shift Key in Windows), click Update

6. Locate and select the iOS 7.1.2 .ipsw file that you just downloaded

7. Click Update again, iTunes will verify the update with Apple and the downgrade process will begin
– If this step fails, you either used the wrong IPSW file or the downloaded file was improperly signed (go back and try downloading again).

8. You will know you’re done when the “new setup” screen appears on your iThing.

All of that said, Apple will stop signing the required iOS 7.1.2 .ipsw files and effectively block users effort to downgrade iOS 8. So, act now or forever hold your piece…

What’s your take?

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  1. iOS 8 has completely ruined my iPhone 5! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT UNTIL APPLE FIXES THE SOFTWARE!! You’ll be sorry if you do. Trust me on this one.

  2. you are 100% right man…apple just ruined my iphone 5s :/
    ios 8 is really a disaster…its a worse update ever…my phone was working fast like fast & furious on ios 7.1.2 but on ios 8 im facing problem of slow wifi..battery drains so fast now and apps starts crashing again n again… seems like every thing is working slow on my iphone 5s.
    APPLE u disappointed me with this horrible update !!

  3. I have iPhone 5c and this app has destroyed my phone. No matter what I do, I can not download this app to even start to remove it. Very, very disappointed. I hate i updates to this new xxxt

  4. Jeff.. I was able to revert to 7.1.2, but then it would not let me restore my iPod Touch 5th Gen from my backup file on iTunes. Do you know how to restore from backup once you downgrade your OS??? I’ve seen others with the same issue!!

  5. Its there… I’ve used it. Issue I have now is since I did it, I can’t restore my ipod from my backup file I created in iTunes on my desktop. Says I need iOS8 in order to restore from backup.

    ANYONE… any assistance on this?

  6. Hello.. I am using Iphone 4s, with that excitement I have upgraded to Ios8 as soon as it arrived. But my excitement didnt stay too long.
    Problems: Battery drains fast, Few Apps started not responding well even after updating it to ios8.
    Then I decided to downgrade to 7.1.2 now the real problem starts, When i started downgrading in my windows7 then the error message popsup “An unknown error message 3194”. started updating “hosts” but no use, updated itunes no use, once again downloaded 7.1.2 but no use.
    Please help in this issue. Thankyou

  7. I received this , is apple stop signing iOS 7.1.2 firmware already?

    We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.
    Please try again later, or contact customer care.

  8. Worked fine on my iphone5s not a problem…all apps work just great…so dont listen to the above….ohh and now battery life is up by maybe 25%

  9. Thx for info. However, tried the download from two different websites and got the same response when I tried to downgrade my iPad: software not compatible. I’m sure I downloaded the correct one. Guess I’ll have to stick with sucky iOS 8 which makes my iPad 3 & iPhone 5 jerky and iPhoto Events way out of order. Super disappointed!

  10. When I download the 7.1.2 file it downloads a zip file. (On windows at work). I do not see the 7.1.2 IPSW file? Can someone please advise? Thank you

  11. what happens if when i press alt and restore iphone it doesnt take me to the page where i can choose to change it to ios 7.2?

  12. I have an iPhone 5s and I’m having numerous issues. You mentioned battery life being up, but I’m going from full to charger in just a few hours. I normally only charge my device every two days. Now, I have to charge multiple times a day while doing much less with my device.

  13. do not update to iOS 8 again!!!! on itunes go to preferences>devices select the iphone backup do right click and choose show in finder open that folder and scroll all the way down until you find info.plist double click on this one. when it opens scroll down not much and you’ll find something like this
    Last Backup Date
    Product Name
    iPhone 5s
    Product Type
    Product Version
    Serial Number
    Sync Settings

    where it says 7.0.6 on yours is going to say 8 just rewrite that part with 7.1.2 and you are done

  14. I did this downgrade and found out it doesn’t allow me to restore any of my backups. This is because it has to be an iOS 8 back up or it won’t take it anymore. What this meant was I had to install 79 apps and all my music took me 3 1/2 hours.
    I was having trouble with eight in a bunch of different ways so for me it was worth it but be aware it’s going to take time to get back to what you had before. No quick backups they won’t take them because their iOS 8.
    Also numbers and pages still won’t work even if you back up because they require iOS 8 now. Other than that it’s back to normal 7.1.2

  15. iOS 8 ruined my iPad too! Horrible! Why can’t you go back quickly to the old version, why all the efforts to download iTunes, USB cables, etc… !!!!!!

  16. hi.i have done it but i cannot restore from backup now.it says backip was on latest version and i cannot restore it on old version.can u help me please.is there any way.

  17. Hi my iPad 2 is just syncing apps after reverting to 7.1.2 but there is 6.13 gb of “other”. What do I do please?

  18. i tried downgrading my iPod 5 and it said that after i pressed restore that my device is not compatible with the update or so. help?

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