DragNSYNC iPad App

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DragNSYNC is an iPad app developed by AppSophic LLC. Despite some similarity in name to the infamous boy band NSYNC, DragNSYNC has nothing to do with music. Instead, this app is used for file management.

On its App Store page, the developers state, “DragNSYNC was designed and built by enterprise mobility software experts with a combined 200 years of experience.” That’s a pretty impressive stat to bust out, and it really got me excited to try out this app.

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You can import files from any source using DragNSYNC. Imported files are sorted automatically into one of four folders: My Photos, My Videos, My Music and My Files. Of course, you can always rename these folders. You can also move, delete, or add new folders.

There’s also a big security component in DragNSYNC. In addition to passcode protection, this iPad app offers “triple layer security,” which aims to keep all of your synced files both hidden and secure. In addition, you can shoot brand new, secure photos and videos from within the app. These images that are created in DragNSYNC, will never be stored on your iPad’s camera roll.

DragNSYNC iPad AppDragNSYNC iPad App

Need another layer of protection? You can launch “decoy mode” to protect your private files, photos, and videos! In this mode, you can give a dummy password to a snooping significant other, boss, or authority figure.

Some apps that offer a huge array of features can be daunting. However, the UI here is pretty straightforward. In addition, there is a “tips” sheet that can helps users make the most of their DragNSYNC experience.

With free email support and the ability to open .zip files, DragNSYNC is surprisingly affordable for such a robust little app. For importing, exporting, or syncing, DragNSYNC is the right tool for the job.

DragNSYNC is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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