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Dragons” Den is one of the most disappointing games I have ever played.

Apparently Dragons’ Den is based on a television show about inventors pitching their ideas to investors. I did not know this. So naturally, I assumed the game was about big, fire-breathing dragons. It does not. When I play a game called Dragons’ Den, I want to see some freaking dragons.

Clearly, I am not the target audience for Dragons’ Den. Admitting that would usually negate most the credibility that this review carries, but in this case it is fine because Dragons’ Den has no target audience whatsoever. Even the people who watch the show on television aren’t going to be fooled by this thing.

After doing some research on Wikipedia to find out where all the dragons in the game were, I discovered that basic premise of “Dragon’s” Den involves inventors and businessmen presenting their idea to a panel of investors. And then everyone argues about business and money for an hour.

The iPhone app online casino seems to follow the same basic premise. You play as one of five investors. Who you pick makes no gameplay difference. Then you decide whether or not to invest and how much money you want to throw at the operation. Then the rival investors do the same and you find out how who made the most money off the investment. The winner is whoever made the most.  There is a multiplayer feature, but you’d have to find somebody who would want to play a game called dragonless game with you.

Dragons’ Den is barely even a game. It is not fun, and should be avoided by everyone except for die-hard fans of the show and people who are afraid of real dragons.

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