drive assist iphone app

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Drive Assist is an iPhone app developed by Woo.Do. This gorgeous app is available for both iPhone and iPad, and it looks stunning on both devices.

What Drive Assist brings to the table is a full-featured toolkit for making your driving experience better. In addition to acting as a navigational service, this beautiful app also works as a speedometer, weather warning system, and music player for your ideal road trip playlists.

drive assist iphone app drive assist iphone app

One thing that’s awesome about Drive Assist by Wo.Doo is the fact that you can adjust all kinds of parameters and settings to make this app your own. You can adjust the color scheme, as well as toggle between metric and imperial distance measures. There are options for setting a touch autolock, speed alerts, and even a place to enter your odometer readout.

The real high point here is the overall look of Drive Assist. It’s rare to see an app that’s this polished, elegant, and downright sexy. The interface is easy to navigate, and the app is just so graphically superior to any other app in its class.

drive assist iphone app

I’d be hard-pressed to name another navigation app that looks and works as well as this one does. Moreover, Drive Assist really distinguishes itself with an easy-to-read compass, straightforward weather icons, and constant trip timers. The only downside? Being able to see how much of your total travel time was spent moving versus spent sitting in traffic might make you grouchy about rush hour traffic delays.

There isn’t a person in my social circle who doesn’t use their iPhone or iPad behind the wheel. Whether it’s to control music, plan a route, or track driving habits, we all love to use our iDevices within the confines of our car cockpits. This well-rounded app is a stunner for drivers of all ages. For those about to drive, we salute you.

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