Dropcam Tabs Announced, Will Cost $29 Each

Dropcam Tabs Announced, Will Cost $29 EachDropcam has announced the latest addition to its product line, Dropcam Tabs. Just like the company’s home video security system, Tabs are meant to protect your home but they do so with motion sensors rather than actual video feeds.

At $29 each, it is possible to get multiple Tabs at once and then install them around the house on important first-story windows, doors, and even valuable items.

The Tabs use Bluetooth to connect to the Dropcam Pro camera and then they are able to send notifications when something opens or closes as well as when other types of motion are detected.

Dropcam is also updating the Pro camera so that it no longer registers motion from cats. Prior to this update, users with a cat–or multiple cats, even worse–would receive notifications about movement in the house, leading to numerous false alarms. Luckily, with some software tweaking, pets are no longer responded to in the same way as home intruders.

The detection of and subsequent decision to ignore cats relies on visual data alone, as according to Dropcam, it was able to use visual cues corresponding to cats in order to “teach” the camera to not respond when an animal is running around the house.

Out of all the home security systems out there, Dropcam is perhaps one of the best. Although it is not as bulletproof as a traditional system, it is useful on an everyday level rather than when someone is breaking in. For example, live feeds from the Pro cameras can be access on any platform and with the Talk Balk feature, people can actually talk to those inside of the house when they are not home themselves.

All of its high-tech features means that Dropcam, especially with the addition of Tabs, is a true lightweight home security system that is perfect for the average user. Tabs are available for pre-order right now and will be shipping the Summer.


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Summary: Dropcam has announced Tabs, $29 motion sensors that work with the Pro home security camera. The Pro camera has also been updated so that it recognizes cats and doesn’t not sound the alarm when detecting them.

image via technobuffalo