Drug Addiction: Silent killer of your life

Drugs are not of a single kind. This family is vast and has a huge variety in itself. People around the world are enjoying getting high with the drug family but unfortunately, after some time the same drugs that gave them joy will become trouble maker of their life. A large number of awareness campaigns against drugs are being launched up till now but people are still involved in drug use. Thousands of people are suffering and dying due to addiction and people are still living in the stigmas attached to drug addiction. They do not consider addiction a disease that can be cured at the drug rehabilitation center. Families of most addicts do not help them out in getting rid of addiction. They think that it is a very bad habit that cannot be disclosed in front of their family and friends. As a result, the addicted person ends up dying with his sufferings. We need to clear our minds that like any other disease we can cure the disease of addiction as well. Contact the rehab centers around you and choose the services that are suitable for your patient. There are varieties of treatment options; select an option and start the treatment from today. Don’t give any reaction to the conversations happening nearby you because people will talk no matter what you do. They just need gossip so you better focus on the addicted patient and help him in getting recovered. Browse this for further information https://www.vsmdetoxaustin.com/. Today, we will share the details of three different kinds of drugs and their effect on the human body.


These are addictive drugs characterized as stimulants. They fasten up the functioning of the brain and the human body. These types of drugs are commonly found in form of tablets and pills. They are considered prescripted drugs commonly. Different names are given to this type of drug-like truck driver, speed, bennies, etc. There are many ways to consume this drug but mostly people inject these into their bodies. Also, many individuals smoke and swallow them. Either the person injects this drug or swallows; it will instantly energize the individual plus make him alert. It is a powerful drug that can increase the pressure of blood and heart rate. In many cases, the person gets drenched in sweat. He suffers from severe headaches and his vision gets blurred. If an individual consumes amphetamines for a longer period, it can become a cause hallucination and paranoia. The strong effect of this drug can remain with the person even after he quits. The most commonly observed symptoms include nervousness, anger, and craving for drugs.

Bath salts

Bath Salt has a unique title that feels like an innocent name but in reality, this drug is a highly addictive and dangerous drug for the health. People call it scarface, vanilla sky, and cloud nine as well. This drug is found in powder form in an off-white color. It is packed in small plastic or foil wrapping. These drugs are also injected, swallowed, and sometimes mixed with alcohol but most people sniff them with their nostrils. It has chemicals that upsurge the CNS system activities. People who consume this feel enthusiastic plus emotional. The consequence of the drug lasts for about four hours maximum. It can cause sadness, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety attacks, suicidal thoughts, etc. It entirely disturbs the mood of an individual. Bath salt leaves obvious physical effects like, increase in blood pressure and temperature of the body, pain in the chest, etc. An individual may feel dehydrated that may cause kidney failure in severe cases.


Lastly, we will talk about caffeine. Most of you will wonder that is caffeine a drug? Yes, it is a drug. Many of us have incorporated caffeine large amount in our routine lives. Most of us start our day with tea, coffee and we have developed resistance that we feel lazy without its consumption. Students specifically consume a lot of caffeine when they have much pending work to do. They get tired of educational activities and desire caffeine so that they get active again and do some work. Caffeine is a natural drug that is extracted from the seeds and leaves of certain plants. Several companies also do artificial production of caffeine. The sip of caffeine gives instant alertness and makes us active. It boosts the energy level and improves the mood. It is found in our daily coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. The real taste of this drug is bitter but the companies process it and make its taste better. Youth and teens love to consume soft drinks and other energy drinks and most of them have caffeine in them. The good thing about this drug is that it does not store in the human body and affect the person for some hours only. But, on a large amount of consumption, a person may feel headache, sleepiness, and anxiety. When an individual gets habitual of consuming caffeine, he develops resistance to it. This means if someone consumes three cups of tea or coffee in a day, he might need extra cups of tea and coffee for the same effect after some days. It is very important to limit the intake of caffeine products. A reasonable amount of caffeine does not harm. But avoid its use in hot summer weather. It can increase urination and causes dehydration. A large amount of caffeine can develop osteoporosis as it drops down the calcium level of your body. The overdose of caffeine can cause heart problems as well. In every aspect of life, keeping moderation is very important. In the same way, moderate use of caffeine will not harm you. Don’t be dependent on a large amount of caffeine else you will suffer from the consequences. 300 mg of caffeine is a reasonable amount to consume in adults so keep the use under the limit. Contact the medical team of drug rehab if you are feeling symptoms and think that you need help to control the symptoms.