The main problem of every smartphone user is having a device that will last an entire day on a single charge, or at best, that will last for a significant number of hours without the need to be near an electric socket all the time. DU Apps Studio addresses this issue with the creation of DU Battery Saver.

Du Battery Saver installs an Optimize button on your phone so you can instantly optimize its power without even loading the app.

DU Battery Saver offers a selection of features that can help in managing all the battery issues and extending the battery power on your device. These are:

  • Battery
  • Saver
  • Toolbox
  • Charge
  • Monitor

Let’s take a quick look on what these features can do and how you can benefit from them.

DU Battery Saver Feature: Battery

DU Battery Saver (3) DU Battery Saver (4)

This feature shows all the information about your battery including the time remaining before all the power is used up, temperature, voltage, battery material, and battery usage. It has an Optimize Button that lets you improve battery performance in just one press.

Pressing the Optimize Button will get rid of unnecessary tasks that run on the background, which eats up battery power. To further improve battery power, it will ask you to turn off your Internet connection.

DU Battery Saver Feature: Saver

This feature lets you pick out predefined settings to extend the battery life of your device. You can choose from:

  • Prolong – Calls and SMS are on, mobile data is off
  • General – Calls, SMS, and mobile data are on, Wi-Fi is off
  • Sleep – Clock, alarm are on, calls and SMS are on, network is off
  • My mode – define your own battery-saving mode

DU Battery Saver (6) DU Battery Saver (5)

DU Battery Saver Feature: Toolbox

This feature suggests other apps that you can download to further improve, not only the battery life, but the entire performance of your device. The DU Speed Booster is a recommended complement app for the DU Battery Saver.

DU Battery Saver Feature: Charge

This feature lets you monitor your device when you charge it, reminding your that “Healthy Charge helps keep your battery healthy.” It shows whether you’re device is on Fast Charging, Full Charging, or Trickle Charging. It also shows the amount of time until the battery power yields.

DU Battery Saver (7) DU Battery Saver (8)

DU Battery Saver Feature: Monitor

This feature shows you the apps that are running and the percentage of power they consume. It gives you the option to manually stop apps especially those that hog the battery power but aren’t essential in running your system.