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EggMaps HD is an iPhone app developed by Mike Cunneen. This app lets you use Google Maps on your iPad in a clean, accessible, full screen setting.

Here is an example of the difference between Google Maps and the EggMaps HD view. Google is on the left:


There were some parts of the EggMaps HD experience I didn’t care for. For example, when I first opened the app after downloading, it froze up. I restarted, and the map loaded fully and much more quickly. However, one thing I still don’t like is that when you are on the global view, and you keep swiping left (as if you were spinning a globe), the parts of the map that had loaded previously need to reload after you “spin” back around to them.

Other than that, however, EggsMap HD works really great. The maps load quickly at any zoom, and it’s way more reliable than trying to get Google Maps to work on my laptop. The layout is great, and I really liked the functionality of EggMaps HD. Here are some iPad screenshots of the app in action:


Now, EggMaps HD advertises itself as “very fast.” I have used iPhone apps that were faster, but certainly not iPad map apps. And as I said above, this iPad app far surpasses my laptop’s speed in rendering Google Maps.

There’s a lot to like in EggMaps HD. For example, there is support for Google Transit™ (in areas where data is available). In addition, users can also look forward to the auto-complete of place names, plus the ability to change from list-view to map-view with only one tap.

If you need a new map app, EggMaps HD comes highly recommended.

SCORE: 9/10

EggMaps HD is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.