Elon Musk AI

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk is a leading voice. Elon made some predictions in 2017 about the future of AI. He gave the good sides and the bad sides of Artificial Intelligence and even said AI would soon take over Human Intelligence.

From different areas, one could ascertain that Artificial intelligence is taking over the world.

To discuss the realization of Elon’s prediction, we would give some information about his predictions.

Elon’s Predictions

Here are some of the Elon Musk’s predictions in 2017:

  • There will be an increase in self-driving cars which will threaten several jobs.
  • Car autonomy will serve as a standard in 20 years and cars without such ability is like a horse.
  • AI is very dangerous and could start World War III
  • AI will do things better than human
  • Humans may have to become part robot

The world seems to be changing these days as AI is being incorporated in several of our daily activities which range from driving to video games. Some of the achievements recorded which made us believe that the predictions Musk made are coming true.

Humanoid Robot Sophia

Sophia is a humanoid robot that was created by Hanson Robotics. Sophia is an intelligent robot which has not only shows that it is capable of being empathetic but also capable of relating with other things using AI.

Sophia was invited to the United Nations where it communicated with humans and give convincing answers on different complex issues like security, human rights, and even ethics. The robot was also able to convince the UN that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and could displace humans regarding intelligence.

When it was asked about developmental issues, it was able to give a convincing answer stating that technology is for exploration and use of the people. It further stated that human actions and not machines determine the influence of technology in the society.

Sophia is brilliant and in fact, performed much better than it human counterparts when it comes to issues. Sophia seems to be a fulfillment of one of the Musk’s predictions. Sophia ascertains in one of a video on youtube that it could work in hotels, shopping malls, teach and care for the dependents, etc.

If AI could achieve this, then many people will lose their works. Some people may want to be on par with robots by making themselves half robot.

Self-Driving Cars

Musk said self-driving cars would soon be the order of the day. It will become the standard by which a car must possess for it to be regarded as a car in some years time. Any car that does not have this ability may not be better than the status of a horse in this modern day.

Many companies have tried their best to explore AI and make something out of it. Some of the companies who explored this technology went into self-driving cars creation. Tesla, Audi, and Google among other companies were able to develop a self-driving car.

These self-driving cars utilize Artificial Intelligence to know where to go or not. It also has some senses which determine the speed and distance of oncoming cars. Apart from this, it could sense anything around it to determine its action.

Mobilegeeks.de posted a video on YouTube as to Sophia’s experience in an Audi Self-driving car, Jack. Sophia was intrigued by the car and the way it was able to achieve its self-driving ability. The Engineer in charge explained to it the inbuilt devices and another mechanism which made it achieve that foot.

For about 2 minutes that Jack self-drove itself in the video, it drove perfectly.

Video Games

Gamers must have been anticipating for this part. Well, many people may not understand that AI has been in use in video games ever since the first video game has been created. However, the more complex a game is, the more the AI used increases.

Call of Duty and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor were known for their significant use of AI which makes enemies analyze objects and take actions for survival. Apart from that, slot machines and mobile roulette are not left out in the use of AI. The online casinos are experimenting with AI to determine the player’s behaviour. That is used to improve their marketing strategy and provide more accurate bonus offers like roulette no deposit bonus.

Casino players could testify to this. Increase in the AI in a game guarantees the betterment of such game.

Fraud Detection

AI is a two-edged sword. It could be good or bad depending on how you use it. Despite the fact that AI could aid fraud detection, it could also aid frauds.

As many banks could mail you via your email to ask whether you make a transaction, AI could be used to prevent you from getting such email. Apart from this, AI is sometimes deployed to steal money from someone else bank account or credit cards. On the other hand, AI could avoid this by monitoring the transaction on an account to determine any suspicious action.

AI has improved over the years, and it is moving close to Elon Musk’s prediction.