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Image attributed to debspoons/

Mobile betting has become the in thing for many of us, especially since it offers more convenience and ease. Imagine betting from your tablet or smart phone, with many betting options to boot. With mobile betting, you are able to place some good value bets on your favorite sports games, whether it’s tennis, football, cycling, or more.

Speaking of cycling, if you are a cycling enthusiast and are already engaged in mobile betting or if you want to simply enhance your chances of success on your first bet, you should really make use of the right strategies. For instance, sites like Bettingexpert know their stuff when it comes to cycling, so you should take a few tips from the site’s expert tipsters in mind. Here are a few more facts you should know in order to have a better chance of success in your mobile betting endeavor.

Different types of cycling
First of all, cycling comes in various forms, which include bike racing (under this category, you can also find road bike racing, BMX bike racing, mountain bike racing, and indoor track bike racing, among others). The races can also range from short to long, from a few laps to a few thousand miles, just like in the famous Tour de France.

Your betting options can vary as well – in fact, there are many betting options for you to choose from. You can bet, for instance, on an outright winner, or you can bet on winners of stages, such as in some events like the Tour de France.

Your betting options
As mentioned, there are different bets you can place for different types of cycling. For instance, you can bet on road cycling, with the most popular event being the Grand Tour, and the Grand Tour consists of any three major road cycling events, including the above-mentioned Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, and the Vuelta a Espana.

Image attributed to debspoons/
Image attributed to debspoons/

Betting on the Tour de France is the most popular type of road cycling betting, and for good reason. It is held every July and goes on for 23 days. Even those who don’t normally like cycling as a sport bet on the Tour de France simply because it’s a well-known, exciting event. On the Tour de France, you can bet on the actual or outright winner, you can place a bet for the winner of each stage, and you can place a bet on the winning team.

You also have the choice of betting on track cycling, with several major events such as the UCI Track Cycling World Championship, the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, and the UCI Track Cycling World Ranking. Other betting opportunities include betting on mountain bike cycling, Olympic cycling, and BMX cycling.

To make your mobile betting more exciting, you can also take advantage of in-play betting, where you can view the live event on your mobile – more thrills, and more opportunities to win.

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