Erzulie’s Voodoo App

Disclaimer: We do not encourage the use of spells or any other type of magic. This article has been shared for educational purpose only!

Voodoo is a religious cult practised (considered black magic) by the people of Southern US and the Caribbean. The practice combines ritual elements of Roman Catholic and African rites (magical). It’s considered as sorcery and practices used for spirit possession; considered highly dangerous by many people.

Well, it’s the actual stuff that is taught by trained people in Voodoo but now with access to internet, you can learn some stuff on your phone. Erzulie’s Voodoo app on Android and iOS is a good way to start practicing Voodoo spells by yourself at the comfort of your home.

Before we get to the app, let’s talk a little about spells in general. According to SpellcasterMaxim, the most powerful love spells are black love spells which could seriously change the course of someone’s life. It also states that, once a love spell is cast, it can’t be reversed, so before playing with spells be sure to understand the depth of magic.

Powerful Voodoo love spell awakens feelings, so strong that no one can resist them. It’s also said that, the hungry you are for love, the chances of the spell working are much higher. Also, believing that the spell will work improves the chances; confidence plays a huge role when it comes to love spells.

Back to the app, Erzulie’s Voodoo app goes in-depth to explain about spells in general – love spells, wealth spells, banishing spells. The best thing about the app is that, it also provides step-by-step procedural guides to cast the spell the correct way and not leave it up to you (only to get it wrong).

The app maker also has an “Advanced” app which goes an extra mile to provide texts stating the origins of Voodoo spells – the history, explanation of the mysterious spell written by experienced Vodou priests.