Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is an exciting and fast-paced component of the investment landscape of the future. Bitcoin is perhaps the most lucrative opportunity in this field, considering its foundational status of this entire subspace of currency validity and exchange.

Bitcoin was the pioneer of the cryptocurrency revolution, and it acts as the standard-bearer of the entire marketplace. It’s naturally a fantastic place to make inroads into the crypto market, as a result.

The Bitcoin Proof of Concept

Coinbase, Exodus, and other crypto services all stem from the initial Bitcoin proof of concept. Published in a mailing list in 2009, the specification and proof of concept for the first Bitcoin came from humble beginnings and has risen to enormous prominence in the twelve years since. For much of its early days, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies existed as a decentralized platform for cryptography junkies. The idea was a fascinating concept with which one might rewrite the entire future of digital communications and information, asset, or data sharing.

Indeed, the basis of Bitcoin’s structure—the blockchain—is what provides the capacity for Google Docs and many other responsive file sharing applications just like it. Rather than a central authority that validates the content (or value, in the case of a currency), Bitcoin and its various counterparts and forks share this validation authority among a network of users who all must verify the authenticity of a “transaction,” or anything that alters the established record.

In a sense, you might think of this as a checking account or credit card statement that must be continuously updated by all parties involved, rather than the singular card issuer. By spreading out this means of validation, the network security becomes virtually impregnable if the human element of the equation remains vigilant. On the flip side, credit card issuers and merchants are perennially the victims of phishing and other cyberattacks that come away with cash, identity data, and illicit purchasing power of unsuspecting private individuals who must then take painstaking steps to rectify these data breaches.

Crypto as an Investment

The most important aspect for many cryptocurrency collectors is the value of these assets as an investment. Leveraging the best Bitcoin wallet alongside a crypto exchange platform that you trust can grant fast access to a new world of possibility when it comes to investments and even day trading strategies.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many others offer unique investment power, and these open source digital assets can be traded 24/7/365. The marketplace for cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does your investment portfolio’s growth potential, as a result. Holding BTC, ETH, and other digital assets in a cold wallet or mobile wallet can provide long term investment options that those engaging with just the stock market can’t even begin to dream about.

The volatility here is something that beginners will need to remain mindful of, yet volatility in any marketplace allows for investors to capitalize on uniquely powerful market swings. Crypto offers excellent returns for data-driven investors who are able to leverage research and great investment instincts to their advantage. Additionally, many crypto exchanges offer savings-like options to grow a portfolio through simple interest compounding rather than the fast pace of day trading. This is a great alternative for beginners in the space as they learn the ropes of the market itself.

No matter how you will engage with the crypto marketplace, finding a Bitcoin wallet that serves your needs and a crypto exchange that grants you access to the features you need as an investor will send you on your way to financial freedom in a new and liberating, open source manner unlike any other in human history.

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