Evie launcher for Android - If you like it simple
Evie launcher for Android - If you like it simple

Android is popular among geeks. It offers high customization with many behind the scenes services of Android open for developers to play with. On the other hand, iOS is known for its simplicity. For non-geeks who just want their phone to work choose iOS over Android.

But not everyone can afford the iPhone. It’s pricey, even the older models cost a lot than most of the decent Android phones in the market.Most people put on themes and hide unnecessary heavy stuff to make their Android devices simple. One way is to use launchers.

I’m a simpleton. I like things to just work. But I use an Android phone and to solve my simplicity problem I try out different ROMs and launchers to make my device look clean and run fast.

I recently tried the Evie launcher as part of my process of improving my Android experience. And I gotta say I’m very impressed by the launcher. It’s simple – there’s no app drawer, just one home screen and if you swipe right, you get a list of your apps, settings, and widgets.

The launcher is very lightweight – it doesn’t bog down the phone or mess with the battery. It actually improved my phone’s performance in comparison to my previous launcher – Google Now Launcher. It’s perfect. The launcher has a search function – when swiped down from the home screen, a spotlight like function comes into the picture. You can search for apps, contacts, and Google queries. I found this to be the most helpful feature.

To make the look of my phone a little cleaner, I added an iOS pack. I wasn’t planning on using an iOS clone phone but the advantage here is that – iOS icons are all of same size and shape – square boxes with rounded edges whereas Android icons are of different shapes and sizes.

My phone feels pretty awesome now. I would have liked one thing, though, an option in the launcher to disable the widgets and settings list in the bar. I never use widgets and settings can be accessed from the settings app. It’s not a big deal but would be sweet if such an option could be added.

If you like things to be simple, you should definitely try Evie launcher. You won’t be disappointed I promise.

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