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Over the past few years, there has been an evolution of technology in sports that have made the games more advanced, stress-free, and fun. And these innovations have been seen in different sports such as football and athletics.


Football has been famous across the globe. As a new generation of players continues the legacy, people have witnessed the Goal-Line Technology as well. In 2012, the IFAB approved it and amended the rules in the game. In 2014, GLT was used in the World Cup for the first time, helping France get a goal against Honduras.

Today, GLT has been used not only in France but also in other top domestic leagues in Europe and international competitions.

Timing System

When it comes to athletics, technology has improved over the past decades. Seiko launched an electronic and automated timing system in 1964. It was tailored in a way to enhance accuracy up to 1/100th of a second.

In the 1980s, transponder or commonly known as RFID timing had been introduced. It was catered using radio frequency. It was thru a chip placed on athletes’ shoes. It was used to record times at different antenna points. And in 2008, a photo finish equipment was manufactured, capturing over 3000 photos per second. The purpose was to track winners in a variety of races.

Evolution of technology timer

Because of the continuous evolution of technology, the game in different sports become more innovative and burden-free. Aside from that, it makes sports more entertaining and enjoying that athletes and other people love.

Not only that, technology improves performance. Athletes have the opportunity to use computers that can monitor a range of parameters. There are also computer apps that record data for analysis and special sportswear to give athletes an advantage.

New Sports Betting Apps

Along with the advancement of technology are the new sports betting apps. A wide audience is also able to enjoy just like how each player does. While getting entertained, they can also double their money in their pockets.

Things to Consider Before Using a Betting App

When you are about to use a specific app for sports betting, there are factors to weigh in mind. Make sure that your option has a number of users. Try to know whether an app has positive reviews or not. Direct your attention to those with honest user reviews.

Plus, take advantage of a choice that is user-friendly for your convenience. It should be easy to navigate to complete your satisfaction. Search now online and find out the one that suits your needs!

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