Facebook Advertising Tips to Optimize Your Campaign

Facebook Advertising has grown leaps and bounds ever since it was launched in 2007.

In 2020, Facebook ads will be affected by trends such as targeting, video and mobile, among others. You can hire the SEO services of a Facebook advertising agency and have them leverage current trends for favorable results:

Mobile Ad Prioritizing

Almost all of Facebook’s ad revenue come from mobile, with viewers having shorter attention spans. You can maximize this by having your brand show up immediately and delivering your key message earlier than usual. Keep it simple and you’ll get the desired results.

Use Facebook Stories

Stories ads are available on the Facebook platform and gives you the advantage of not losing content even after the 24 hours has passed. People love to consume Stories content not just in visual but also in audio form.

PPC management services can help you optimize Stories ads by enhancing the narrative and adding static images.

Retarget with Video

For visitors who’ve watched at least 3 or 4 seconds of your ad, don’t consider them as a lost cause. Instead, use a retargeting campaign via a second video or offering something that adds value. You can redirect to a landing page or a lead magnet for the best results.

Messenger Ads

Marketers will want to use Messenger ads to promote their brand or products, but this is something that you can’t just spam and send in cold. Use interest indicators, like those who’ve watched your video ads or add Facebook pixel on your FAQ and shopping cart.

Search Ad Placement

Facebook’s ad platform has changed- instead of having keywords they will scan your website and get the phrases and terms from there. As such, you should first update the pages and add words you’d want to use for giveaways, contests or ad services and products.

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