Phones usually get outdated pretty quickly because they are not upgradeable. However, one new phone just launched in Europe promises greater lastability than most. That is the Fairphone 2 from the Dutch company Fairphone. This is the world’s first modular phone.

fairphone 2

Fairphone originally announced the Fairphone 2 in June 2015. The company unveiled it with one notable innovation, a modular design and interchangeable components. You can quickly repair the Fairphone 2 by replacing its interchangeable modules. Furthermore, its architecture enables users to upgrade the phone. If you need more functionality from the phone, you can insert a new module to upgrade it.

The advantages of the Fairphone 2 are fairly clear. Its modular architecture make it more economical than other alternatives. It comes with several modules for the battery pack, display, rear camera, core unit, outer casing, receiver and speaker unit.

So the Fairphone 2 has something completely new, and its specifications are relatively standard. It is not exactly a high-spec phone. It includes two GB RAM and 32 GB of flash storage. The handset’s processor is a Snapdragon 801 CPU. It comes with a 5-inch display with full HD 1080 × 1920 resolution.

The phone has a front camera with a two megapixel resolution. Its main, rear camera includes an eight megapixel CMOS sensor for photography.

The Fairphone 2’s Specifications

  • OS: Android 5.1, Lollipop
  • Processor: Snapdragon™ 801
  • Application Processor: 2.26 GHz Qualcomm® Krait 400
  • GPU: Adreno 330 GPU 578 MHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash Storage: 32 GB
  • Cameras: 8-megapixel back camera and 2-megapixel front camera
  • Display: 5-inch display with 1080 × 1920 resolution and 446 ppi
  • Battery: 2,420 mAh
  • Headset: CTIA-Standard
  • Headset Jack: 3.5 mm

The Fairphone 2 also has a couple of accessories from 3D Hubs. They include a night stand and speaker dock for the phone. The speaker dock enhances its audio, and the night stand gives users a charging stand for the handset. Both have unique 3D printed designs.

So this modular handset could be the first of many longer-lasting phones. The Fairphone 2 is now available in Europe only and is retailing at €525. You can find further details for the phone at the Fairphone website.