Feedly Google Reader

Feedly Google Reader

Feedly, a well known and well loved RSS reader, has recently gained a huge surplus in members, following the anger and despair over Google axing Reader. As many loyal RSS fans will know, Reader was one of the most prominent RSS readers, and will be missed.

As the news came to the many committed users, many websites, including Tapscape, came to the rescue with some other alternatives. Out all of the RSS readers on the alternatives, Feedly was one of the most well known and one of the major alternatives many offered.

Feedly has been around for a while and offers a similar interface, akin to Google Reader. With 500,000 new users, the company has said that they will continue to work to keep the servers running, while making subtle changes to the interface. The RSS reader will also be offering seamless integration with your Google account, to move all your Reader settings.


The Feedly team has said that most of the 500,000 new members have came straight from Google, and if this is just for one RSS reader, there may be more than a few million users departing from Google Reader to other ones.

The core of RSS may be declining with more passive ways of reading news, either on Twitter or on Flipboard, but many core internet readers use RSS still. Reeder, for iPhone, iPad and Mac, is still experiencing a lot of support, as are many other readers.

While Google Reader has been petitioned to keep open and many have expressed their upset to Google, the fact is once the spring cleaning starts it would be odd to stop. There are still many valuable RSS readers out there, Feedly being an ideal one if you loved the Google Reader experience.

If you want to sign up to Feedly, join now: they are offering integration with your Google Reader account and it is simple to sign up.

Source: The Next Web