Fiber Optic Cables Make NSA Spying Easy
Google Data Center
Fiber Optic Cables Make NSA Spying Easy
Google Data Center

Pretty much every consumer and tech company is unhappy with the National Security Agency, which has been spying on millions of people for many years. Well, it turns out that the same companies that are complaining about the NSA’s spying, are actually using fiber optic cables between their data centers. The biggest problem with using these cables is that no matter how secure that data centers are, the cables themselves are not even encrypted.

While it is not proven and is not even part of a Snowden leak, the New York Times has put out its theory suggesting that the NSA is able to gain information from companies like Google and Yahoo simply because they can tap into the fiber lines which are transferring completely unencrypted data, making the NSA’s job incredibly easy.

Many of the cables that are used in between the massive data centers are made by Verizon Communications and Vodafone, but some of the larger companies are using cables made by Level 3 Communications. Level 3, according to NYT, is likely the main target of the NSA’s spying, at least when it comes to tapping into fiber optic lines.

It is not known if Level 3 is actually “helping” the NSA since the agency would still be able to tap into the lines even without the help of the company that makes them. As such, fingers are not really being pointed at Level 3, nor should they be (at least for now.)

The same tech companies that may have been infiltrated as a result of the NSA’s spying on fiber lines are also trying to proclaim their innocence and some, particularly Google, are openly criticizing the NSA.

I want to reiterate what we have said in the past: Yahoo has never given access to our data centers to the NSA or to any other government agency. Ever. – Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO 

Image Credit: Wired

  1. Its not the NSA we need to worry about its Google. they will soon be able to build profiles on everyone. every product they have ever made has been designed for that end. Fiber is the ultimate tracking means for them.

  2. Why are so many people too stupid to realize this.

    Google is underselling fiber, especially given the costs of laying it and future layings… of course they’re selling your information. Google and the NSA are friends, as are all the other “big data” companies.

    What the hell is Facebook’s survival model? Twitter? Instagram? Youtube? Disqus? Selling data to whomever will pay for it, be it government, corporate, or other.

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