Final Fantasy Dimensions

Thinking of picking up a new game for your iOS device? Why not check out Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy is easily one of the most recognizable gaming franchises; the series spawned countless sequels and spin-offs, comics, movies and toys and its popularity continues to grow with each release as more and more people are introduced to its many amazing worlds and intriguing characters.

Recently, we’ve seen many of the older games ported to the iOS and this has resulted in a wave of nostalgia for people longing for the good ol’ days of JRPGs, when battles were turn based, bosses were nigh-unbeatable and your character sprites looked way to cute and yet were dark and brooding. Now, we’ve got a completely new Final Fantasy adventure that has that old school feel and is designed from the ground up for mobile devices — Final Fantasy Dimensions!

The game started its life as an episodic adventure in Japan, released over the course of a year. Fortunately, iOS fans won’t have to wait that long to finish the game because the port will have the complete package and will also have improved graphics! Gone are the highly pixelated art that , the only ones that older phones could handle, and are replaced with smoother looking, high res pieces that still have the same 16-bit feel as the older Final Fantasy games and yet provide more detail and are undoubtedly nicer to look at.

What about the story, you say? Final Fantasy dimensions will be a full RPG adventure with a robust and elaborate job system. The game will probably keep you glued to your iOS device for upwards of 30-40 hours as you immerse yourself in a massive, high fantasy plot centering on the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Darkness. Can you already tell that this thing will be dripping with melodrama?

Final Fantasy Dimensions Battle

Final Fanatsy Dimensions is already available. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of the series or fantasy RPGs!

Have you tried the Final Fantasy games for iOS? Will you be getting Final Fantasy Dimensions? Let us know in the comments below!

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