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Final Fantasy III Now On iOS, Other Square Enix Games On Sale

Square Enix has just released the remake of their classic game, Final Fantasy III, for iOS. Square Enix is known for setting some comparatively steep prices for their mobile games, and they haven’t broke the tradition with Final Fantasy III. It is currently priced at 15.99. That price point may seem outrageous, but it actually makes since when you consider how large the game itself is. And the DS version currently sells for 19.99, so this is technically the cheapest way to officially own a new copy of the game.

If you want a Square title but don’t feel forking over that much cash for an iPhone game, you still have options. Square Enix has reduced the prices for the following apps until March 30.

iPhone/iPod Touch:

Chaos Rings – $5.99

Crystal Defenders – $3.99

Hills and Rivers Remain – $1.99

Final Fantasy – $3.99

Final Fantasy II – $3.99

Final Fantasy VII ACC Larger-than-Life Gallery – $2.99

Final Fantasy VII Compilation Wallpaper – $1.99

Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery – $2.99

Fullmetal Alchemist Gallery – $0.99

Secret of Mana – $3.99

Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroea – Encore – $4.99

Sliding Heroes – Free Vanguard Storm – $1.99

Voice Fantasy – $0.99


Chaos Rings – $7.99

Chocobo Panic – $1.99

Crystal Defenders for iPad – $3.99

Final Fantasy VII ACC Larger-than-Life Gallery – $2.99

Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery – $2.99


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