Price: $15.99   Score: 8/10   Category: Games

Final Fantasy has been one of the longest running franchises in video games, despite its ironic name. Final Fantasy III is a 20 year old game that got a facelift for the Nintendo DS in 2006. The DS remake featured brand new graphics, gameplay, and story elements. Now, Square Enix has ported that version of Final Fantasy III to the iOS.

Those familiar with Japanese RPGs will not find any surprises in Final Fantasy III. The story line is the standard “group of scrappy young heroes rise above their potential to save the world” kind of thing. Random battles are plentiful and you”ll be spending a lot of time leveling up characters. FInal Fantasy III features a unique class system that allows you to customize each character in certain aspects such as fighting, black/white magic, swordsmanship, thievery, etc. As you progress through the game, new classes become available.

"Sure hope that thing doesn't give us cancer."

Square Enix usually pulls out all the stops for their Final Fantasy games, and they did a wonderful job on the presentation here, even adding in a few enhancements here and there that were not present in the DS version. The art style is appealing and the music, something the series has become renowned for, is great.

Final Fantasy III is a long, full fledged game. It is not a pick-up and play title like Angry Birds or Land-a Panda, so be prepared to invest some serious time. Offering dozens of hours of gameplay, it best online casino earns its $15.99 price point by being the most expansive game available on the App Store. Admittedly, that price is very steep for an iPhone game. Die hard Final Fantasy fans have probably bought the title already, but others may want to wait for a price drop.


Final Fantasy III is a very old-school game with a very modern look. It plays just like a Japanese RPG straight out of 1990, because that is essentially what it is when the new graphics are stripped away. Turn based battles, lots of grinding, spiky haired heroes, melodramatic storyline, and so on. If that sounds fun to you, and you can look past the steep asking price, then you won”t be disappointed with Final Fantasy III.