Fire watch guards

Fire watch guards or fire watch security guards are trained personnel that perform safety functions like patrolling, identifying hazards, keeping logs and more.

For construction companies or businesses that do not have an alarm system or have the presence of extreme fire hazards, fireguards perform very important and valuable services.

A fire alarm system may break or may not recognize a fire hazard. Fire guards are well-trained professionals that specifically prevent fires from breaking out and also keep a check on any potential fire hazard.

Why and when is a fireguard needed?

  • Situations wherein the services of a fireguard may be required as follows-
  • Construction companies
  • Business with fires hazards (chemical, fireworks etc.)
  • If your alarm system is broken
  • When the water supply is interrupted (sprinklers would not functions and fires would not be doused)
  • As an extra security measure

In all situations mentioned above, the presence of a fireguard would prevent fires from happening and increase the chances of fire not becoming destructive enough.

Fire watch guards would keep an eye on potential fire hazard, and if one breaks out, they would be trained to deal with it swiftly to prevent it from spreading.

What do fireguards do?

Fire guards provide an array of services to their employees. Here are some of the services they do-

Help find fire hazards 

Fire guards lookout for potential fire hazards by checking the entire property and work area. The task is to check the site and look for conditions, objects or signs that could lead to a fire outbreak. One of the most essential. Functions to prevent fires.

Prevent fire outbreaks

Fire guards prevent fire outbreaks by doing away with potential fire hazards, keeping a log of detection and alarm services and being trained in fire identification systems. 

An alarm system might break and stop working, but a live fireguard would always work. Even if the water sprinkler system fails, the fireguard could quickly use a carbon dioxide-based fire extinguisher and prevent damage.

The first line of contact 

In a scenario where a fire breaks out, fireguards become the first line of contact with the fire department. Since they are trained professionals, they can provide all of the necessary information smoothly.

Secure construction area perimeter 

Construction sites have the most fire hazards since there is a lot of movement, transportation of materials, and fire can very easily break out.

Fire guards know about flammable material and what could cause devastating fires. They try to keep combustible material separately and securely and also ensure the safety of the construction site.

Check equipment

Fire guards check the fire alarm system’s equipment, including the bell, sprinkler system etc. they also make sure that the water supply is uninterrupted and that pipes are in good condition.

Keeping logs

Also, keep a record of patrols, fire hazards, fired risks, et cetera. Insurance companies or government authorities often require these logs.

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