First Google smartwatch renders appear with a round watch face

It has been known for a few months that Google intends on releasing a smartphone without the Nexus branding on it and the same thought has been given towards the company launching its very first smartwatch.

According to Macrumors, the first renders of the upcoming Google smartwatch has been released, giving slightly more info as to what to expect from the upcoming wearable. For one thing, gadget enthusiasts have really started to appreciate the round watch faces of wearables, which is probably the reason why the renders show such a face.

However, these renders show two purported Google smartwatches, and we should ask the question if Google intends on releasing more than one wearable down the road. The smartwatch with a larger diameter is the 43.5mm smartwatch and has been given the codename Angelfish.

According to additional details, the features of the watch include a heart-rate monitor, GPS, and LTE cellular connectivity in order to prevent the user from having to carry their phones at the same time and under a predetermined distance. However, using the LTE connectivity feature for prolonged usage will drain the battery life quite quickly and smartwatches are definitely not known for their stellar battery timings.

The smaller smartwatch has been codenamed Swordfish and offers just the one crown button. Additionally, the 42mm sized wearable has been reported to lack crucial features such as HRM, GPS and LTE. There is no official release date of any of the two Google smartwatches, but we know that a plethora of Google-branded smartwatches running Android Wear are going to be inbound during the second half of this year.

The reason why Google has been thought to release its own smarwatch is because it will have more control over the design, hardware and all the other important aspects of the wearable. The company is intending to walk in the same footsteps of Apple, so our belief is that it is a generally good approach.

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