Fly Piko iPhone Game Review

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Fly Piko is an iPhone game developed by Yon Tanto / Tahoo Games. This addictive game is fiendishly difficult in the very best way possible. Plus, it features some unique and charming graphics.

In Fly Piko, you play as a cuddly bird called Piko. Piko has fallen from his nest, so you need to help him get back home. You will get some help from another bird, Professor Owliver, in your quest to return to the nest. Prof. Owliver will give you wings, helmets, and other items to boost your stats.

Fly Piko iPhone Game Review Fly Piko iPhone Game Review

The gameplay is excellent, and this title will likely appeal to fans of Burrito Bison or Hedgehog Launch. That being said, it can feel stale and repetitive in the early stages, when you are still building up your stamina. The pop-up ads are also super annoying.

The visuals here are really impressive, with a look that’s part paper craft and part children’s book. Fly Piko has a really unique look, and that enhances the premium feel of this game. The charming soundtrack works perfectly with the visuals in this game.

Fly Piko iPhone Game Review Fly Piko iPhone Game Review

If you are a parent looking to keep tabs on what games have IAP, you should know that Fly Piko currently just has one IAP option: a Mega Box of Feathers for $8.99. You can turn off IAP in your iOS device’s settings if you want to keep your kids from depleting your bank account, $9 at a time.

Overall, this game is cute and cuddly without being cloying or saccharine. This game is ideal for adults, but will also appeal to young kids as well.

Developer’s note: Fly Piko requires an iPhone 4/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch 4 or above.

Fly Piko requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.