While there is a lot of good software out there for editting photos and designing awesome stuff, sometimes you really just want to make some great things with the minimum amount of effort. The best thing would then be for it to be an online place that is always easy to access—throw in some great tools and options and you have Fotojet—a website where you can make collages and even cards for whatever needs.

Using Fotojet

Using Fotojet is really easy, and if you’re one of those guys or girls that like to be informed of all the features there’s a great tutorial that you can find at the bottom of the website. Getting started with Fotojet is as easy as clicking a button and selecting a template.

There really are quite a lot of templates to choose from, and each of the templates obviously has a different feel and aesthetic to it. For example, there are categories you can choose from like modern templates, classic ones, artsy ones and even 3D templates.

These all are more oriented towards making a college of photos, while there are also categories offered for photo cards. Whether it’s a birthday card you want to send online or a happy father’s day—Fotojet has enough options for you to personalize your message for your beloved one.

Features of Fotojet

Fotojet has a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to just upload your pictures and drag them to the place you want them. You can then zoom them in, flip them and do all kinds of cool stuff with it to make a beautiful collage. Photos are easily uploaded from your Facebook, but you can also upload photos directly from your hard drive.

After finishing your card or collage you can then save them as a picture so you can attach them to an e-mail or print them, but you can also share them directly to your Facebook and even decide how large the card or collage should be.

Our conclusion

Fotojet is simple to use and offers enough templates to make the experience worthwhile. Sending someone a special card for a special occassion has never been easier and I suggest you check out the website if you like the sound of it!