Fotor HDR iPhone App

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Fotor HDR is an iPhone app developed by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd. If you’re in need of a MultiStyle HDR camera app, this inexpensive app is well worth paying for.

The interface here is absolutely gorgeous. So are the results you get when you use the app. Fotor HDR is like having a High Dynamic Range camera in your pocket. This app lets you take amazing high-res photos, feel like a professional photographer, and still be able to use a simple iPhone to do it all!

Fotor HDR iPhone App Fotor HDR iPhone App

Fotor HDR is also really great in terms of ease of use. With just one tap, you can apply one of 10 exclusive HDR preset styles to suit your needs. The interface is inspired by iOS 7, so it looks right at home on your iPhone.

Some developers are just consistently awesome, and Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology is one of those companies. I’ve been really impressed with their other offerings, which include Beautune and Fotor. These developers have really cornered the market on awesome photo editor and camera tools, and Fotor HDR might be my favorite app of their’s to date!

One thing that I really love about this app is the “ghost reduction” feature. If you rarely use a tripod when shooting photos on your iPhone, or often take action shots, this feature reduces the blurry “ghosts” that you get when a camera isn’t held still.

Fotor HDR iPhone App Fotor HDR iPhone App

I haven’t been this happy with a photography app in quite some time. Why carry around a bulky camera when you can get results this good from a simple “point and shoot” iPhone experience?

Fotor HDR is one of the best camera apps out there, and I’d gladly pay more than $1.99 to own such an awesome app. Congrats, Chegdu team…you’ve knocked it out of the park again!

Want to see this awesome app in action? Check out this YouTube preview video!

Fotor HDR requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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